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Illustrative Photography

Illustrative Photography...In a word: Hybrid
Illustrative is a new, descriptive word for a photography style that paints a picture with posed shots and candid moments. For instance, I may put you in the ‘promo photo’ position but capture the unscripted moment of you laughing. Evokes emotion, drama; has a high-fashion/artistic photography element; you don’t always have to smile. Illustrative also may strike you as poetic; the image tells a story. My illustrative photography involves use of high contrast, vivid colors, a lot of saturation.  It creates a cool effect that almost appears as a comic strip, or a cartoon like photograph!  I will offer you some illustrative images regardless of what sessions you have hired me for. and I will  give you options that will give you a diverse look for your portraits.

Investment starts at $125 per hour