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Wedding Photography

When it comes to photographing weddings, couples often ask me about my“style” or my “approach”. In simple terms, my philosophy with respect to photographing a wedding day is this:“Act Naturally” is an oxymoron.

When people are asked to stop and pose, to do false things which are not actually part of what they are doing, it shows in the photograph. You can tell it’s not real. Does that mean I never, ever stage something? Of course not. But, I would say the vast majority of my wedding photographs are not staged, they are real. Even the posed “formal” shots are made fun and relaxing, to make sure the whole family is not standing there like a bunch of lifeless cardboard cutouts.

The joy, the laughter, the romance, the love, the cherished moments that I capture are not staged, they are real. I tell the real story of your wedding celebration in images that will last forever. I tell the stories of the funny things that happened, the laughter that was shared, the intimate moments of a newly married couple, and the celebration of their love by family and friends. I tell the whole story of your day, so that years later you can bring yourself right back to the joy and love of that amazing celebration.

How well do my images tell the story of your wedding day? I can tell you this: I frequently smile and even sometimes get choked up while processing them, because they bring me back to those moments, those places. They help to preserve the memories of your wedding day forever, and not just the obvious moments, but the tiniest details as well.

So, what is my philosophy on photographing weddings? I capture the real. I absolutely love sharing wedding days with my couples. Love fills our souls with laughter and our hearts with joy, and getting to share the most loving day of a couple’s lives with them is something I never get enough of!  

Investment depends on many factors.  Prices start at $500 to $3500